Hitler Got It Wrong

Ireland, Greece, Italy and then Spain. No wonder we all make fun of him these days; what a lousy economist.


6 responses to “Hitler Got It Wrong

  1. I wonder if France will have to be added to that list?

  2. Eventually, yes. I nearly added it to the list but my karma hasn't been too good lately and I didn't want to tempt fate 🙂 Perhaps they'll make it into the next Downfall video.

  3. Some great lines in there – made me laugh even as I thought that some 'leader' in Germany, France or the EU bureaucracy probably has been thinking/saying some of this, perhaps even a smirkless Merkel-Sarkozy.

  4. “They have got me by the ball”

  5. That's the best one of these I've seen in ages, GV, and I totally agree with Anonymous, above, the placing of that particular line along with his gesture was perfect.

  6. Agreed – it's one of the funniest. Who said there's nothing funny about Hitler? 🙂