PMQs: Summary & Videos

Cameron led tributes to Private Matthew Haseldin, 2 Mercian, who was killed in Afghanistan last Thursday.

Not a rubber bullet in sight. The weapon of choice: the cane or umbrella.

Miliband used all six of his questions to ask about UKBA and immigration; he went on and on and on and … … round in circles, got no answers and had Labour’s own record flung back in his face. He got nowhere. Cameron backed May & the Head of UKBA, and reeled off a list of ‘achievements’. He even quoted Labour Peer Lord Glasman – ‘Labour lied about immigration’. Miliband was trounced as usual.

Best, if you can call it that: groans from Con backbenchers when Bercow intervened about the noise and said last week’s Youth Parliament was much better behaved.
Strangest: Cameron’s support for the 19thC Chartist movement seemed out of place, particularly today when so many protests are going on in London. Anyone would think that the government hadn’t just sanctioned the use of baton rounds against protesters. The movement has one parallel today: a petition of more than 5m signatures calling for voting reform was rejected out of hand by Parliament.

Your MP: Party Toad or Independent Thinker?

Julian Huppert, LibDem, Cambridge; Gary Streeter, Con, South West Devon; Lindsay Roy, Lab, Glenrothes; Edward Leigh, Con, Gainsborough; Gordon Banks, Lab, Ochill & South Perthshire; Peter Aldous, Con, Waveney; Gregory Campbell, DUP, East Londonderry; Andrew Selous, Con, South West Bedfordshire; Mark Durkan, SDLP, Foyle; Tessa Munt, LibDem, Wells; Christopher Leslie, Lab Co-op, Nottingham East; Tracey Crouch, Con, Chatham & Aysleford; Geraint Davies, Lab Co-op, Swansea West; Annette Brooke, LibDem, Dorset Mid and Poole North; Hazel Blears, Lab, Salford & Eccles; Karen Lumley, Con, Redditch; Cathy Jamieson, Lab Co-op, Kilmarnock & Loudon; Jo Johnson, Con, Orpington; Andrew Gwynne, Lab, Denton & Reddish; Alex Shelbrooke, Con, Elmet & Rothwell; Sir Stuart Bell, Lab, Middlesbrough; Bill Cash, Con, Stone.

Issues raised:
Job security/employment laws; RM 3 Commando homecoming in Plymouth; bonus payments for RBS; death of 2nd Red Arrows pilot/RAF Scampton; youth unemployment in Scotland; local school funding; Minute’s silence on Armistice Day; marriage break-ups; no UK abstention on Palestine/UN; (closed question) winter fuel payments; publication of UKBA/immigration documents; FIFA/poppies; individual voter registration; rights for park home owners; parliamentary placement scheme/social mobility; GMB/union influence on Labour policies; unemployment in Kilmarnock; Italian bond yields @ 8% /eurozone; 34% youth unemployment in Thameside; FIFA/poppies; G20/EFSF/eurozone bail-out fund; structural re-negotiation of EU treaties.

Followed by Statement on North Africa/Middle East by Sec of State, FCO, William Hague.


The DUP Channel is quick off the mark this week.  Here’s Gregory Campbell and his question about 11/11:

More to come.

A taster on Chartism

PS Just a thought: If a petition in the 19thC can gather 5m signatures without the internet – what’s gone wrong today? Some were fake or double-entries but, even so, a hefty proportion of the population must have signed it.

In full:


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