Those Washed-Up, Cried-Out, Spied-On Stasi Blues

Yep, I’ve been to the doctor and he said that’s definitely what I’m suffering from. He wrote me a prescription and said to go back in a few weeks if my symptoms hadn’t eased. What he prescribed was “a weekly dose of riots and a change of governance.”

Interestingly, he didn’t advise a change of government; he thought that swapping one bloc of raging authoritarian job-for-life politicos for another wouldn’t solve the problem. In short, ELECTIONS DON’T WORK ANY MORE. They used to, once upon a time. The country rubbed by after the war, we put up with austerity and rationing, mainly because of the sop of the NHS and child benefit payments, but the country has changed beyond recognition now. Now, everyone has the right to be offended but not to freedom of expression; everyone is equal in the eyes of the legislature, unless you’re ‘one of them’ and can pay or circumvent the system; everyone is lectured, molly-coddled, chivvied and harassed into being a citizen worthy of The Big Society; we’re all in it together.

My @rse.

If I thought one of my neighbours was spying on me I’d report them to the police for harassment.

THIS upset me so much this morning when I read it. How could they? How could they turn State informer? And they’re not even being paid. I hope they’re first ‘onto the shuvvell’ so they can join their heroes who first adopted this technique.

From The Morning Star, of all places.
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But it’s alright; we’re in safe hands and can go back to sleep:

A Home Office spokesman said: “The first duty of the state is the protection of its citizens, but this should never be an excuse for the government to intrude into people’s private lives.

“This is why we are changing the law to restore common sense and prevent local authorities using surveillance for trivial offences.”

If you believe that, phone me, I’ve got a bridge for sale.

Here’s one of the ‘essential links’ in the sidebar: Big Brother Watch.

Roughly one in fifty adults collaborated with the Stasi in East Germany:

Frau Merkel was born in West Germany but grew up and was educated in East Germany. I’ve no idea why her parents moved; perhaps it’s a story worth telling on par with the Milibands, whose Polish grandfather packed up and left for Russia where he fought in the Red Army before admitting defeat and defecting to Belgium (and thence onwards to Britain albeit leaving his wife and children behind – it was for the good of the cause, comrades).

Just to tip everything nicely over the edge, here’s an archive of East German propaganda. Spot the similarities.

Image courtesy of Max Farquar, WBUH.


3 responses to “Those Washed-Up, Cried-Out, Spied-On Stasi Blues

  1. We have few weapons but we must never stop using them.

  2. Thanks for the EG propaganda link, GV. I have a feeling that some of the items I found via that link, might be making an appearance on MF … after being suitably updated of course 😉

  3. Hi OR, we don't have conventional weapons but we have the internet to thank for providing the means to spread the information and cut out the middle men – those who spin the truth for their own ends.

    You're welcome, Max – I look forward to pinching them!