EU Heritage Labelling

Be proud, citoyennes – or should that be ‘comrades’? The motto of the European Union shouldn’t be the laughable “Unity through Diversity” but the more appropriate, “What’s yours is mine and what’s mine’s my own”.

As if it weren’t enough that our taxes fund this corrupt, shambolic, authoritarian, quasi-Marxist, pipsqueak of an outfit they’ve now decided on a logo for the EU Heritage labels fiasco (see above). Of course, it will be ‘voluntary’. Voluntary in the same way that our membership of the Union is voluntary.

“The label will guarantee the unique European touch of selected sites such as monuments, natural, submerged, archaeological, industrial or urban sites, cultural landscapes, places of remembrance, cultural goods and objects or intangible heritage associated with a place.”
…However “transnational” sites will benefit from special treatment, given their special symbolism for Europe’s history. Member states will be allowed to apply for a “thematic” label for several national sites linked by a common theme.

Well, I’m sorry but they can just fuck the fuck off and then some. If they can get their heads out of their @rses for long enough they might be able to hear the rustling of the reeds at Runnymede.

(Pemf as usual.  I was going to use an asterisk but you all know the word anyway.)



10 responses to “EU Heritage Labelling

  1. Get some EU yellow-stars-on-blue-background nazi stickers made and stick them over ANY EU logo. We HAVE to let them and everyone else know we will not stand for this any longer.


  2. Hmmm – Heritage sites. Can't see the Houses of Parliament getting one of those as the cradle of democracy, even though it could qualify as a museum.

  3. It would be a good business start-up, Anon. One of my boys is already working on it though I'm not sure I really want to see a Barroso/Ashton/vanRompuy face staring at me when I go to the loo. It would probably give a great deal of satisfaction though.

    @Witterings – spot on – the HoP should be the first site to have a sticker. Perhaps we can organise an e-petition – we all know how welcomed and successful they are 😉

  4. By eck GV, I never thought I'd see the day. And from quality like wot U R. I'm shocked.

    “intangible heritage” my ass! “cultural goods” got them asswell. “submerged” I have a bath.

    “monuments” :-).


  5. It's bad enough seeing the EU logo on sites that have benefitted from EU funding (ie getting some of our own money back) but the idea of them defacing our cultural sites whoesale is just evil. I'm with first anon above.

    My own motto is “Bollox 2 Diversity”.

  6. Ah, more targets to deface!

    Most appropriate language on your behalf GV – cheered I up.

  7. and so it starts – the re writing of History. Pitching it to the next generation as though history were always from an EU perspective. The result is the history of the nation state is slowly erased. Before you know it, it is like is was never there.

  8. I agree, unsurprisingly, with all your comments. Under these proposals they'll be able to deface even our war memorials with their logo. Not only that but the original proposal was to have the plaques on sites that “have played a key role in the history and/or the building of EU” – yet even Hadrian's wall is being considered. Classic EU missiion creep. I like anon's idea of stickers – could catch on.

  9. Oh for a leader who would tell them this.

  10. I'm free! I've got nothing on tomorrow 🙂