A Week of Cockwaffle

I used to apply the tag “cockwafflers extraordinaires” to any post mentioning EU hubris but I’ve been lax lately, mainly because there are so many of them.

TFIF is all I can say after a week like this. We’re living in a time of lies and spin; a time of half-truths and evasions.

Apparently, it’s Children in Need Night tonight. I used to donate but no longer bother since I discovered how much of the funds go in admin and consultants.  I’d rather give it in the form of “Oh, I’ve cooked too much” or “I’ve bought too much” to the oldster next door rather than see it wasted on admin and consultants. It’s spectacular to realise that, despite what we’re going through, this programme will probably raise another £25m or so. We do it year after year, on top of our own charitable commitments, yet nothing ever improves for those countries and their children.

Globalised finance, globalised corporations, globalised consumerism, globalised big pharma, globalised government, globalised poverty, globalised need.

Like I said, TFIF. I’ll leave you with this wonderful summation of today’s events:

There is something about Germany that brings out in the British media some of its least desirable characteristics. And when you have in Volker Kauder, the CDU’s parliamentary leader a stage Hun with all the sensitivity of a plank, and an IQ to match two short versions, you have the stage set for a perfect storm…

… But at least The Boy has been given a hearing, given his brief moment in the limelight, in a carefully stage-managed press conference, and sent packing, where he can prattle in his own time, to his own venal media, without wasting any more of everyone else’s time.

As the post points out, it’s nothing new. The fight isn’t only against the EU it’s against the placemen and the system of governance that’s evolved in the past six decades.

I said to Spidey that being in a state of hope is a natural human condition: we hope the sun rises in the morning, that the moon shines at night and that we’re free to raise and take care of our families without undue interference.   So far, only the first two hopes have proved steadfast.  I don’t know who said the following quote but he/she was right:

Government has what it takes to take all you have

And they will.  TFIF never seemed so hollow because Monday always comes around.


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