Cameron/Merkel Live Conference + updates

On Sky News

Merkel: “Limited” treaty change for eurozone members only – as expected, they will do everything possible to avoid a referendum in Britain. A sentence or two about Serbia, Iran & Libya.

Cameron: Good friends. Many areas we are in absolute agreement. Countries must deal with debts and deficits. EU budget rise must be linked to inflation rate. Share same plan for EU growth – greater competitiveness, greater agenda for growth, greater deregulation. Agree that a strong, successful & sustainable euro is in all our interests. We can address, accommodate and deal with differences. Britain/Germany has a strong relationship and friendship. Will work together.

Followed by a few questions but it’s pointless looking for any hint of truth in the answers. Cameron said no progress was made in discussions on the FTT/Tobin Tax. Merkel said no-one should pretend to be more powerful than they are. I’ll post the transcript and/or video later.

I don’t know what they mean by “limited treaty change” – a treaty change is a treaty change and any changes require agreement from all 27 member states. It looks like Cameron will be coming back a Chamberlain and not a Churchill.

Debt crisis live


From Anoneumouse at The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

More cartoons at Muffled Vociferation & Max Farquar and, if you haven’t visited already, I recommend Fenbeagle Blog for some great artistry and storylines.

Short video clips from the Daily Telegraph and The Guardian

Also, Markets dip as Cameron, Merkel differ on key points


4 responses to “Cameron/Merkel Live Conference + updates

  1. All in all, another waste of time and our money then? I've done a graphic interpretation of the outcome on my blog:)

  2. Thanks, Sue. I've linked to you in my 'updates' 🙂

  3. Was there ever any doubt, GV? That man has no balls and cares nothing for Britain – the only thing he cares about is himself, the NWO c**t!

  4. No, not really, Spidey. The problem is that there's always a glimmer of hope that things will turn out against the odds. It's only human to hope – that's why we're constantly let down by our politicians.

    *I* hope that this proves to everyone that the only hope lies in ourselves because it will come to it, eventually. Nobody is listening, nobody will come.