The Pro and The Con

The Pro:

Note the change of iconography (Cameron as Henry V, ‘jousting’, ‘crusade’, ‘portcullis’ – albeit with a Union Flag which didn’t exist in those days – good old BBC) and tone.

Sopel: But isn’t the real eurosceptic thing to do, which is what David Cameron and George Osborne will do is… to say ‘we are fighting for Britain’s interests within Europe and trying to get the best deal possible…”

After decades of reviling ‘eurosceptics’ the BBC is now carrying Cameron’s torch that it’s okay to be a eurosceptic and that we’re no longer ‘fruitcakes, nutjobs and Little Englanders’ (even if you were Scottish, Welsh or Irish).  They’re still one step behind the rest of us who know full well that there is no chance of renegotiation within the terms of the Lisbon Treaty, or any of the treaties our governments have signed on our behalf.

I’m unsure who the two commentators were because I didn’t watch the programme. One is called Sarah, who smirked as Farage answered a question, and the other, I think (going by his voice and, if it is him, he’s put on a bit of weight and grown a beard), is James Somebody-or-Other, an LBC radio phone-in host who is so pompous and arrogant that he never lets others finish their sentences and always interprets their views – “What you’re saying is…” “What you mean is…”).

Here’s the Con (Artist):

Britain will have to join the euro, says Michael Gordon Richard Dibdin Heseltine, Baron Heseltine

“People have no idea of the scale of money British banks are owed by European banks. If the European banks start going it will be our banks that are on the line, our government on the line.”

Oh, I think we do have an idea; we do know. We know the scale involved and we know you will make us pay for it. We also know that our taxes shouldn’t be used to prop up bankers or governments. Nothing should be too big to fail.  The views of this failed and bitter politician are irrelevant.

Government has become far too big and unwieldy.  The government’s proposal to cut 10% of MPs doesn’t go far enough – that’s only 50ish MPs lost (maths isn’t their strong point).  You only have to look at the House during PMQs to see them fighting chunky haunch by well-fed jowl for a seat on the benches.  They’re all tucked in very cosily and those who fail to find a place must elbow for room around the Speaker’s Chair or in the doorway, shoulder to chippy shoulder.  Personally, I think it’s become so rotten and corrupt that I’d like a clean break – slash it back to one MP for one County and re-build it from there.  I don’t think that proposition is any more ludicrous than the system we now have in place.

Added Value: THIS, from 2006:

Mr Cameron also condemned the “ignorance” of English people about Scots and Scotland and the “embarrassing” English insensitivity on matters ranging from the acceptability of Scottish banknotes to “the inevitable aggressive Glaswegian drunk” in TV programmes.
“If I become the prime minister of the United Kingdom, I’ll never, never take Scotland for granted,” Mr Cameron said.
He also pledged to take on “sour Little Englanders” who wanted rid of Scotland. “I’ll fight them all the way,” he said.

 Well, at least the Scots weren’t taken in by him.

By the way, I keep meaning to find the link but … Voting rights in the EU are determined by the population count.  Nod/wink.

UPDATE:  Here’s Heseltine talking about the great “European adventure”. with an insert about the events of Black Wednesday:


9 responses to “The Pro and The Con

  1. By the way, I keep meaning to find the link but … Voting rights in the EU are determined by the population count. Nod/wink.

    Nothing to do with the oil revenues, the seat on the Security Council, nuke subs displaced to Portsmouth and Wales then getting uppity, to say nothing of N Ireland jumping ship?

  2. Sounds interesting, Lone Wolf. If you want to write about it my blog is at your disposal.

  3. They've tried the ambush technique once too often and Farage is wise to it. I don't know who the other two were but the women was vacuous and the bearded bloke tried to wrestle in some sort of racism against Germans. People of the same race cannot pull the race card on each other.


  4. “Teutonic pragmatism” What a w@nker.

  5. Typical smug, stupid, brainwashed Lefties – Sopel is one of their better interviewers and he just doesn't get it either!

    Thick, socialist numpties!

  6. Hi Steve, I'd have liked the camera to cut away for a shot of James beardie's face when Farage said he was married to a German woman. You're right – ambush techniques no longer work.

    Well said, Hookie. I wish I could remember his name or bother to google it – but I can't 🙂

    Hi Spidie, we differ then because I've never rated Sopel. I grow frustrated by the way he asks questions but doesn't listen to the answers and talks across people. I wish we could sack most of the BBC!

  7. I read a blurb today that Germany may opt out of the EU. There aren't many choices left and if no one wants to print money, then the weak are going to have to be left to swim for themselves. As in too many to be rescued and not enough fresh lifeguards.

    If I were German, I sure wouldn't want to pay for some 50 yr old Greek to sit on his duff.

  8. “The inevitable aggressive Glaswegian drunk” in TV programmes.

    Not at all like the “backstabbing effete cowardly Englishman who has to be put in his place by the brave,noble ethnic minority character(pref. female)” in TV programmes then? A stereotype that I`m really starting to get pissed off with.

    What a total arse.

  9. Hi Kid, there's not enough paper in the world to bail out indebted countries. Someone's sitting on all the gold though- Germany/Italy? Certainly not the UK.

    Spot on, Andy. Cameron only knows how to play to the Gallery.