Captain Ranty-Lawful Rebel: Can We Fix It?

Captain Ranty-Lawful Rebel: Can We Fix It?
Essential reading.

5 responses to “Captain Ranty-Lawful Rebel: Can We Fix It?

  1. Thanks GV.

    Not an easy read, but truthful. Perhaps that's why it isn't an easy read.

    The man is right though.


  2. He is right, CR, and I have a lot of time for him. Thanks to you for publishing his email. I've offered him a forum here many times but have yet to hear. Perhaps he thinks it's too late… as do many of us.

  3. Hi Goodnight Vienna and thank you for publishing a link to the Captain's blog. I did reply to you in the past on the Captain's blog when you offered me a forum but you never got back in touch. Maybe you didn't see it or the post went into the spam folder but, nonetheless, I shall write and article for you gladly. It's the least I can do to show my respect for you.



  4. Hi Harby – what you write always seems to make sense – it's refreshingly clear after wading through the putrid stream of politicians' meaningless statements, perhaps that's why we like it.

    I appreciate your offer but the blog's effectively closed; I linked to CR in the hope that someone might stumble across it and go over to read it. I don't think I'm on many blogrolls now but keep CE open just to give a little added push for my blogrolls which I continue to keep updated.

    Stay well – I'll keep checking the blogs for you πŸ™‚

  5. That was a very powerful post to read, quite difficult actually. It almost had me in tears, especially the part about essentially giving up his family whilst searching for truth and trying to spread the word.