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Agenda 21 Treaty On The Horizon

Agenda 21 Treaty On The Horizon

The English Riviera

Well, amazing though it may sound, I’ve actually found somewhere to hang my hat. The only drawback is that it’s miles from family, way down in Torquay. Plus side is that it has a garden so I can do what I do best – grow your own, cook your own, eat your own and play Wagner very loudly. All being well it will be a Summer move, once I’ve finished with the doc up here. Never make plans, my mother advised me, because you’re bound to be disappointed when they don’t work out. Speaking as one who’s spent a life living impulsively, I think she might have been wrong; it’s time to make plans.

I’ll be back.

New email address

If anyone needs to get hold of me (well, you never know!) my new email address is goodnightvienna ‘at’ Gmail has gone into the trashcan 🙂