The English Riviera

Well, amazing though it may sound, I’ve actually found somewhere to hang my hat. The only drawback is that it’s miles from family, way down in Torquay. Plus side is that it has a garden so I can do what I do best – grow your own, cook your own, eat your own and play Wagner very loudly. All being well it will be a Summer move, once I’ve finished with the doc up here. Never make plans, my mother advised me, because you’re bound to be disappointed when they don’t work out. Speaking as one who’s spent a life living impulsively, I think she might have been wrong; it’s time to make plans.

I’ll be back.

8 responses to “The English Riviera

  1. All the most sincere of good fortune.

  2. Wagner???? And there was I thinking you were a girl of taste and sophistication…… 🙂

    A friend of mine of over 25 years standing having met this girl, took her out for a first date which comprised sitting through the entire Ring Cycle. When I asked her why she married him the response was to make sure she never had to bloody do it again!

  3. Don't overlook skegness, the jewel of the east coast.

  4. Loverly GV, my chum was prospecting down that way a couple of years back and might still eventually find her way down there.

    Good part of UKplc.

  5. Puccini will set your mind straight. My prayers are with you.

  6. “Calling England” has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

  7. Thank you OR – your good wishes are much appreciated. @Fradgan I adore Puccini – I'm a sucker for a weepy opera or two. @CaptainRanty – Skeggie? I've never been but I hear it's an under-rated part of the Lincolnshire coastline.

    Thanks Incoming!!!!!!!!! – in theory it shd be quieter than London but crime rates are higher than the national average in some areas. Fortunately, I'll be tucked away close to coastal walks and within strike of fresh fish catches 🙂

    MrW, I know you usually prefer Chopin to Wagner but …