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A Retrospective

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I’ve been looking at a couple of .pdf files on my hardrive and thought I’d upload them for anyone who’s interested in case I have to reformat the laptop given the problems I’ve had with it lately. Some of it is old and there’s nothing revelatory that we didn’t already know but they give an indication of how long everything has been in the planning and they may be of use to someone. Other .pdfs are more current.

The Rules of the Game, 2003 “Forget the climate change detractors. Those who deny climate change science are an irritant but unimportant.”
Saif al Islam’s thesis, 2007, which was written with a little help from his friends and won him plaudits from the LSE.
Extract from Hansard, European Arrest Warrant, 2001 immediately prior to signing The Laeken Declaration.
Statewatch 2010: An assault on human rights and national sovereignty The EAW: “Vague & general provisions… the combined abolition of dual criminality and territoriality requirements represents… a fundamental threat to the rule of law…”
The Anglo-French Pond, 2008/9 “A Franco-British cross-disciplinary research programme: Towards a shared vision of management of a crowded multiple-use space.”
Towards a more secure society & increased industrial competitiveness, 2009 Check out the Table of Contents – Acronyms ‘R Us. Covers ADABTS, AMASS, and surveillance & control in general. Special mention for BeSeCu – “Human behaviour in crisis situations: A cross-cultural investigation in order to tailor security-related communication”.
Summary of the European Commission’s PNR proposals. Passenger Name Record/Passenger Number Recognition. More surveillance.
Letter from Andrew Duff to Buzek, President of the EP (Click to enlarge, as usual)

(Website of Andrew Duff, LibDem MEP)
Living Together: Combining diversity & freedom in 21st Century Europe, 2011
EU Commission spending on private jets, luxury hotels and drinks receptions, 2011. They’re surely on a different planet.
Peter Oborne’s: Guilty Men, 2011
Last, but not least: A positive vision of Great Britain outside the EU.

I hope this works – I’ve used Google Docs. Tomorrow I’ll be checking out my Politics pdfs so take cover 🙂

Say ‘No’ To ACTA

“…the Commission proposes that ACTA be signed and concluded both by the EU and by all the Member States.”

Pirate Bay

>Still The Enbeeobee Syndrome

>Operation Payback – Anonymous Message About ACTA Laws, Internet Censorship and Copyright

Clinton in Jan 2010:

“In many respects, information has never been so free…Even in authoritarian countries, information networks are helping people discover new facts and making governments more accountable.

“During his visit to China in November, President Obama held a town hall meeting with an online component to highlight the importance of the internet. In response to a question that was sent in over the internet, he defended the right of people to freely access information, and said that the more freely information flows, the stronger societies become. He spoke about how access to information helps citizens to hold their governments accountable, generates new ideas, and encourages creativity. The United States’ belief in that truth is what brings me here today.

“Blogs, email, social networks, and text messages have opened up new forums for exchanging ideas – and created new targets for censorship…”

I suppose Hillary knows best but I haven’t heard her raising her voice to condemn the imprisonment in China of Liu Xiaobo and the subsequent Chinese black-out of information in the press and on the internet. Her words don’t tally with the American govt’s actions and rhetoric about Assange either.  Governments… Cake…Eat…Flack.

Search for ‘Ireland digital bill’ on Google and all you get are references to Bill Clinton followed by dab radio and the Broadcasting (Amendment) Act of 2007 and a hundred and one other topics.  I was looking for something I lost in my bookmark changeover – (FOUND IT – click here – “By redefining important words it states a criminal gang is a group of 3 or more people who might carry out an activity and you can be imprisoned for an offence that is not an offence, even if the group don’t commit that activity.”) an article about a law passed by Dublin: no right of assembly over three or if tptb think you have intent, you’re arrested or shut down under Terrorism laws.  It sounds rather like our own dear laws which allow anti-terrorist police to visit the school of a 12-yr old and warn him off his FaceBook protest of like-minded friends outside David Cameron’s constituency office in Witney this weekend.

Wilson, Heath, Blair, Brown, Callaghan, Douglas-Home, Major, Attlee, all of them and more have stitched us up with the connivance of the Civil Service. Civil Service/ Public Sector = Common Purpose.  These are the taxpayer-funded quangos, charities and think tanks that we can’t abolish through the ballot box because they’re institutionalised. We are being taxed to fund campaigns against ourselves and our lifestyles.   No government can change when the mechanism stays in place. Still, I’m sure they all know best.

UPDATE: The link I couldn’t find and a video to go with it.

>The State Of Civil Liberties

>EU Security Research: “NeoConOpticon” blog updated:

a) BAE Systems awarded EU contract to develop organised crime database:
No data protection – “almost certainly unlawful”

b) Droning on: more funding for covert EU unmanned aerial vehicle programme:
More covert funding for drones and UAVs

c) Governed by robots: ‘Border Security 2010′ and ‘towards e-borders’:
e-borders and robots

EU: European Commission proposal to amend the Frontex Regulation: Proposal for a Regulation amending Council Regulation (EC) No 2007/2004 establishing a European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union (FRONTEX)

EU: Leaked ACTA draft reveals plans for internet clampdown – ISPs must snoop on subscribers or face being sued by content owners. Leaked Commission note here and leaked section of draft agreement here

More from EU Observer and Statewatch

UPDATE: The excellent Ian Parker-Joseph has interesting news that four MEPs will be presenting a petition to the Parliament relating to ACTA: “In a 7-point statement they call for all ACTA documents to be publicly available, and express opposition to liability for content being forced onto ISPs, and further oppose criminal sanctions for IP infringement.” The only possible drawback is that the petition needs the signatures of at least half of the MEPs in order to go ahead.