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Not A Happy Bunny

Sorry, but it’s the end of a rotten week and the beginning of a rotten Bank Holiday weekend. Adding insult to injury are the following websites:

“You don’t bomb a ‘captured’ city”
C.I.A. Demands Cuts in Book About 9/11 and Terror Fight
Did NATO stage the Green Square celebration?
Simon Jenkins is a ‘tin foiler’ too

I’m afraid I’m just left with an overwhelming feeling of ‘What’s the Point?’ On and on and on we go but it’s still the LibLabCon con in govt and UKIP and other Parties are nowhere, yet the Greens managed to get Caroline Lucas into Parliament at the last GE.  How?  We’re still taxed to the hilt so they can inflict their UN-mandated programmes on us to send us to perdition and back to be taxed all over again.

To be a traitor isn’t to betray one’s countrymen; to be a traitor is to betray the Crown and nation and that’s not the same thing. It’s late in the day to bring the majority round to our way of thinking.  Look at the years of education they’ve had and look at the National Curriculum. Look at the Justice system where Life for murder no longer means Life but is at the discretion of an unelected nobody who thinks a murderer is fit to be released back into society again. Our neighbours could be rapists, youths on ASBOs, paedophiles and murderers – all released into “the Community” by government policy. ‘Communities’ is a word I’m tired of hearing; it speaks of division and estrangement rather than cohesion.

We’ve been attacked mentally and physically by tptb and it shows in our feeble resistance to their policies. We’re split and fighting each other instead of looking at the bigger picture and the real architects.

It’s Them & Us – the government, their minders, the people they’ve turned -v- Us. We’re outnumbered, out-shouted and dying.  I’m English: my country will never be the same again without violence, pogroms and deportations.  See how low we are; how low we are brought.

Watch these tonight, if you can, rather than Newsnight:

Divide & Rule: 1911 debate
The Council House: Mid 18thC onwards

Once again, I find myself back at Square One.

Under The Radar

When events such as those in Norway take place info is slipped out or goes unremarked in the general cacophony.  One news item that’s being slipped out under cover of darkness is that we now have Regional Surveillance Units. I’m sure we’re all thrilled to know that Police Forces have combined in an effort to make life safer for us all.  Personally, it will comfort me no end to know that these Units have the power to:

“…make it easier for the authorities to bug computers, break into properties and interfere with wireless internet networks as part of countersurveillance operations…”

As one commenter said, “ROFL, you could not make this shit up.”

One other aspect is that regionalisation goes on regardless.  There was one referendum in the North-East that resulted in a vote against breaking England up into nine Regions but governments just ignore it and carry on, as if the referendum had never happened.  Where have I come across that before?  Don’t be lulled into thinking that the European Union Bill with its ‘referendum lock’ will be much different.  For a referendum to be approved it first has to visit the lawyer’s office, then it goes to a debate & vote in the House and Government Ministers will have the final say.  If they all say ‘yes’ then we’ll have our referendum but if one of them says ‘no’, we won’t.

This isn’t really news in that it’s apparently inconsequential and hasn’t been reported:
“We believe that decisions on which flags and logos are worn or displayed at big sporting occasions are for individual competing teams and event organisers to make, not the European Union.”  I infer from Lord Howell’s comment that the government is happy to imply that it disapproves but has effectively washed its hands of the EU proposal that sporting events should fly the EU flag and the flag be shown as a logo on kit.  I could be wrong but I smell someone passing the buck.

The dynamic duo of stalking horses seem to have taken recent criticism to heart:
Carswell: Since becoming an MP, I have come to see how public policy is rarely made in the interests of the public.
Hannan: Climate change, fake charities, nazis and Chris Huhne.

Last but not least is the news that the new head of  IPSA (who took over only last month) is watering down scrutiny of MPs’ expenses.  Perhaps they think we’ve forgotten how fraudulent and corrupt they are capable of being.  Some of us still think that more of them should have been in Court.  Some of us still think that the jail sentences were a joke.  Some of us still think that too many got away scot-free.  Some of us still think that the guilty haven’t paid the price.

PS: I’m glad to see that scientists have found God.  I’m sure Richard Dawkins is delighted.

>Sunday Round-up

>This week’s soundtrack:

There’s a heck of a lot of interesting snippets in this morning’s Sundays so it’s just lots and lots of links and no comments:

Independent on Sunday
Anarchy and air raid sirens in Greece
Tony Hayward to work for Nat Rothschild
40% LibDem voters desert
The Observer/Guardian
Greeks press for default on debt
MPs never stop whingeing
Armed Chinese police confront Tibetan monks
Tax breaks for drinks industry makes white cider cheaper 
Daily/Sunday Telegraph
Libyan dissident speaks out over Yvonne Fletcher shooting
Two horses die in Scottish National
Man faces sack for having Christian cross in his van
Muslim Council of Britain says no debate on face veil – it’s a ‘religious obligation’
Proposal to offer ‘shyness’ drugs on NHS
Catholic Church says Cameron’s Big Society ‘has no teeth’*
No more ‘Best Before’ dates
Mail on Sunday
Olympics Union Flag made in France and becomes a square
Inland Revenue demanding money with menaces
Cable to share AV platform with Miliband
Birmingham Cathedral bans photos of child choir
Liam Fox given extra protection following ‘terror attack fears’
Named: Council bosses who refuse to accept pay freeze
Peter Hitchens:  No-one believes Cameron
DANGER! WARNING! Fresh calls for a new Bill of Rights from Geoffrey Robertson QC, the man who holds dual British/Australian citizenship and wanted to prosecute the Pope.
Sunday Express
Anjem Choudary’s brother was awarded £1m+ government contracts despite further terrorist links

He owns Best Training Solutions Ltd, which has been awarded seven years of Government funding to deliver Learn Direct IT training in London.
Yazdani hired Al Muhajiroun supporter Shah-Jalal Hussain, 28, who was jailed for two years in 2008 for trying to raise funds for overseas terrorists, to carry out work for Best Training.
Last year, Yazdani Choudary set up Master Printers Ltd on the ground floor above the CIS.
Over a period of weeks, the Sunday Express watched Anjem Choudary going in and out, as well as supporters including Muslims Against Crusades spokesman Asad Ullah and Shah Jalal Hussain.
Yazdani refused to answer our questions about graphic designer Hussain, or whether Master Printers produces leaflets or websites for groups involving Anjem.
Hussain rang us to complain we were “sabotaging” his business and warned: “Rot in hell or embrace Islam.”
Anjem Choudary said he was “too busy” to talk about the CIS.

Nuclear submarine secrets mistakenly released on internet
*This is a comment on the DT’s Catholic Church/Big Society article.  It comes from a poster called Any Old Iron
“There are over 400 pages in the Localism Bill. There are 9 pages of EU Fines written in the Localism Bill. Fines to be paid by the NEW Local Organisations.  Here are just a few-for goodness sake wake up to what is happening to your Country by EU laws put through by the Political Parties YOU elected.

Part 2
30 EU Fines. Power to require local or public authorities to make payments in respect of certain EU financial sanctions.

(1) In this part “EU financial sanction” means a lump sum or penalty payment (or both) imposed after the commencement of this Part by the Court of Justice of the European Union under Article 260 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union

(2) A Minister of the Crown may require a local or public authority to make a payment of an amount determined by the Minister in respect of any EU financial sanction imposed on the United Kingdom.

(3) The requirement to make a payment under this Part must be imposed by an EU financial sanction notice under section 32 given by the Minister to the Authority concerned after complying with the requirements of section 31.

(4) The Secretary of State must publish (and may from time to time revise and republish) a statement of policy with respect to the imposition of requirements to make payments under this Part and the determination of the amount of the sums required to be paid.

(5) In deciding how to exercise functions under this Part in relation to an EU financial sanction imposed on the United Kingdom the Minister must have regard to the statement of policy most recently published at the time when the EU financial sanction was imposed.

(6) If an EU financial sanction notice is registered in accordance with rules of court of any practice direction, it is enforceable in the same manner as an order of the High Court.
32 EU financial sanction notices

(1) A Minister of the Crown may give an EU financial sanction notice to a local or public authority in relation to an EU financial sanction imposed on the United Kingdom only if the Minister is satisfied that acts of the authority caused or contributed to the infraction of EU law for which that financial sanction was imposed.
(2) An EU financial sanction notice must—
(a) specify the amount required to be paid by the authority,
(b) specify the EU financial sanction to which the notice relates,
(c) specify any act of the authority which is regarded as having caused or contributed to the infraction of EU law for which that financial sanction was imposed;
(d) set out the Minister’s reasons—
(i) for requiring the authority to make a payment in respect of the financial sanction, and
(ii) for specifying the amount required to be paid,
(e) specify how and to whom the payment must be made, and
(f) specify the period within which the payment is required to be made.

UPDATE: Courtesy of Blazing Cat Fur, here’s an afternoon article: Taliban-esque thugs impose Sharia-esque law in East London. Police Chief says, ‘we are saddened’. But he’s probably not as saddened as the gays and women who’ve been threatened with Allah’s punishment.

>Greetings, Underlings


HVR: No, eradicate that – change the word ‘greetings’.
Millie von Tilliebrand-Forelock: Yes, Sir. ‘Bow down’? ‘Heed my words’?
HVR: Quiet, you forty thousand euros a year tax-reduced nobody. ‘Hear ye, hear ye’, will suffice. Now, take this down:

“Looks on my works ye plebs, and do not despair, for I come to give you social justice, equality for all, new technology, a three-day week and the rights of man.

“Forget all that has gone before for that was an illusion. I have decreed that history begins in 1946 with the signing of the European Coal & Steel Communities Act.

“Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, you learned the history of your own ‘countries’ but now your children learn our mutual history of the Second World War and how the European Union was born from peace and goodwill. It is to this end that we are taking voluntary collections for our new Museums and heritage sites – to promote understanding and empathy for others.  We have also introduced guidance on  ‘Don’t Think Anything Negative About Anybody, Ever’, which will shortly be passed in your Assembly, erm… delete, delete, insert ‘sovereign Parliament’  …under the cloak of “Motions without Debate”.

“Citizens of the World, I and my associates have only your best interests at heart.  We come to save you from yourselves and to save the planet from you.  You small people, I hope you don’t mind me calling you such for it’s just an inescapable fact and I mean no insult by it,  have done a poor job until now.  Cows have grazed, sheep have lambed and crops have been grown; you have created butter lakes, wine lakes, milk lakes – in fact, far too much for the world to consume.  It has been for your own good that we  appointed ourselves to place restrictions on what you can and cannot grow.  You little people amuse me so much with your arcane jollities but we are here to put you on the path to prosperity.  Life is not always about jollity and we must have regulation; it is for the good of the cause.

“Previously we have let member states have the illusion of autonomy and I emphasise that nothing has changed. To this end, on 9th May, as a mark of solidarity between all school-children, women, men, citizens, stakeholders, players and actors, we will celebrate Europe Day where EU flags will take precedence over flags of member-states. This is a fine gesture on only one day of the year and of which I’m sure you’ll approve unless you’re xenophobes and racists …

“… erm … we don’t have any of those in our Union do we, Ms Talliebrand-Forelock?”

MTF: “The English?”

HVR: “My dear Talleyrand-Forelock, the English don’t even have their own country, let alone their own Parliament.  Just finish it off about how it’s only guidance and that the ECHR and the ECJ have nothing to do with it.  I know, here’s a good wheeze,  tell them they can opt out whenever they hold a referendum.  Oh, and do get that Cameron chappie on the phone.”

Time out while HVR laughs his ethically-sourced cotton socks off.

>No Repatriation Of Powers

>That’s the only conclusion to be drawn from Cameron’s evasive and wishy-washy response to a direct question put to him by Bill Cash after Monday’s statement on the EU Council meeting and Libya.

>European Union Bill: 2nd Reading HoL

>The video below is worth dipping into;  it’s the House of Lords’ session on Tuesday 22nd March and concerns the 2nd Reading of the European Union Bill.

For those who like the flim-flammery of ancient rite, the video begins at 14.38 with Black Rod and the formal introduction of Lord Glendonbrook to the House.  This is followed by four questions relating to things like the sea-link between the Isles of Scilly and the mainland, and National Insurance contributions.

The EU debate begins at 15.15 with Lord Howells (formerly ‘Kim’) setting out the government’s position on the EU and taking various interesting interventions.   Peers, including Geoffrey Howe, Shirley Williams & Lord Clinton-Davis (@16.45), follow with their own brief speeches. The ‘debate’ ends at 17.31 after Lord Pearson of Rannoch’s speech, so, just a little over two hours was spent on the Bill’s 2nd Reading in the Lords.

In contrast to other Peers who had been listened to in courtesy and silence, Lord Pearson (begins 17.09) was heckled, jeered, ridiculed and generally moaned & groaned at. He was subject to numerous interventions and asides, not least from Hannay and Clinton-Davis.

The video is on autoplay with no option to turn it off!

Also available in Hansard

Worth checking out:
Lord Howells: “The son of a Communist lorry driver…Moment of Glory: First protester to breach the police cordon at the demonstration against the Vietnam War outside the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square in 1968.”

Lord Clinton-Davis: “European Commissioner in the Delors Commission 1985-88.”   In 1974 he voted for the Abolition of Peerage Bill, “… to provide for the extinction of all titles attaching to peerages; to provide for the cessation on death or statutory renunciation of all hereditary rights to attend as a Member of the House of Lords; and to provide for the appointment of Senators as Members of that House, including the conversion of present life Peers.” He was not too against titles though – in 1990 he accepted a Peerage and the Grand Cross of the Order of Leopold 11 of Belgium for “services to the EC”. At the same time he changed his name from Stanley Clinton Davis to Stanley Clinton-Davis thereby becoming Baron Clinton-Davis.  He has four ‘Honourable’ sprogs who also aren’t averse to titles.  He is a Privy Counsellor, a former member of the Council of Europe and is listed in Debrett’s. Not bad for a Labour lad.

Lord Hannay: Remunerated employment, office, profession etc: Adviser, Frontier Strategy Group  (information services and corporate advice).
Shareholdings: UK Govt 1.25% 2017, UK Govt 5% 2012, Rabobank 4% 2015 (agribusiness), BHP Billiton (mining), Black Rock World Mining Trust, Royal Dutch Shell plc (energy), Weir Group (engineering), Lionheart Investment Fund, Schroder Oriental. [How does one buy shares in “UK Govt”?] “Starting in 1965 and continuing into the early 1970s, he was an official representative of the government in discussions that lead to the UK’s 1973 entry into what became the European Union.”

UPDATEAlgae more important than jobs .   £160m Falmouth Dock regeneration scheme has been blocked by the EU because of ‘rare algae’ on the sea-bed.

>Hannan Catches Up


I’m surprised it’s taken him so long to read about Andrew Duff.  Obviously he doesn’t read blogs but he does work in the EP and he is privy to its shenanigans; he knows what Duff and ALDE are like.  What hope is there if even Hannan can’t keep on top of things?

No-one else has made much of Duff’s traitorous actions either – he should be hanged from the yard-arm.