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Agenda 21 Treaty On The Horizon

Agenda 21 Treaty On The Horizon

A Wise Man Once Said…

There’s been a bit of a personal meltdown here in Muswell Hill Towers in the past week so I’m going to put my blog out of its misery and close it rather than keep it on hold until the good times roll.  Blogs are like children, they need nurturing and mustn’t be left to fend for themselves.

If you’re incredibly bored one evening you can check the archives to find out about smart meters, report-back computers in cars, the infrastructure, the cameras, the censorship, the arming of the police, what you can grow in your garden, what you can give to relatives and friends, what’s approved and what isn’t, and what’s under global attack. If you’re not already aware, you can read about how they did it and how we ended up with a one-party State that takes direction from an unelected foreign entity.  You’ll also find this:

from Dmitry Orlov and there’s more HERE.

There are many good, independent blogs around; if I could give you only one piece of advice it would be to put on your thinking cap and read them (you’ll find a good selection in the sidebar). You may not like the language but there’s a truth in them that you won’t find in the mainstream media.

When I began this blog I was startled to discover how behind the times the msm actually is, and how much they cover up with half-truths. The msm are enablers so if they tell you something, double-check it for yourself. If you feel the need to contribute to their comments sections: don’t. They’re always filtered and moderated, no matter what they say, so it’s best to start your own blog. If you haven’t checked through the Essential Links, it’s worth doing that too. There’s so much information on the internet that you only need to check into the msm now and then to see what they’re reporting and how out of sync they are.

It gives me no pleasure to see what I’ve been predicting come about, and I’m nobody – I’m just someone who took the time to look at the political and financial world, check out sources and use my own judgement.  You can do it too.

For our government and for the EU:


Well, that’s it from me.  Take care, thank you for reading and commenting and, DV,  I’ll see you on the other side of the barricade.

Oh yes, the Wise Man.  He said: “So long, and thanks for all the fish”.

What If?

It’s happening in front of our eyes. The mechanisms are in place in the form of loosely-worded, ever-changing and open to interpretation ‘laws’, regulations and directives. Thanks to the doctrine of spin, state education, a public sector that comprises more than 50% employment and a lickspittle media, we’re truly fracked.

A tip of the trident to Fausty

What if Nigel Farage is our Ron Paul?

Threat Of The Day

‘It is necessary to force countries against their will.’

“Recent experience has shown that a member state normally wants to avoid a programme until the very last moment,” he said in the EU capital. “This has caused the situation to worsen in the meantime both for the country concerned and for the whole euro area and increased costs to other member states and increased the financing needs as well. There are no volunteers for an EU-IMF programme…

… If the commission does not like what it sees, it can demand changes to the budget, as well as other mid-term plans a government may have for its economy...

… All eurozone states would also be forced to create independent fiscal councils – bodies of ‘experts’ unaccountable to parliaments – who would issue budgetary and economic forecasts.  A country’s budget would in turn have to be based on the reports of these fiscal councils.

For countries in deeper troubles and facing serious financial difficulties, Brussels could send teams of inspectors – akin to the ‘Troika’ monitors sent to member states that have received bail-outs.

The overseers could be sent to any state that the commission decides, even if the county has not requested any international assistance.

The not-so final word goes to Barroso:

Questioned by journalists over whether the moves do not insulate decision-making from elected chambers, commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said he did not wish to engage in “philosophical debates”.

The solution to the eurozone’s fiscal nightmare is, unsurprisingly, the failed  proposal the EU pushed for all twenty-seven member states: full fiscal union with budgetary oversight. Softly, softly…

I wonder how far this government’s newly-created Office for Budget Responsibility meets the EU guidelines of  “All eurozone states would also be forced to create independent fiscal councils – bodies of ‘experts’ unaccountable to parliaments – who would issue budgetary and economic forecasts.”

It looks like the UK is ahead of the EU game, as usual, yet successive governments have the nerve to pretend to be ‘eurosceptic’ and want to repatriate powers from Brussels; we’re in it over our heads and probably leading the way.  Great Britain but, in particular, England, is the testing ground, the experimental zone, for one-world governance and coffee-coloured multiculturalism.


PS:   George Osborne’s leaked letter click to enlarge:

Pic from @chadnoble

UPDATE:  It was announced today that Italy’s unelected government under Mario Monti, will also be creating an Office of Budgetary Responsibililty.  It seems the EU think Osborne & Cameron have done well and will be rolling out the trial across euro-zone member states.

A Week of Cockwaffle

I used to apply the tag “cockwafflers extraordinaires” to any post mentioning EU hubris but I’ve been lax lately, mainly because there are so many of them.

TFIF is all I can say after a week like this. We’re living in a time of lies and spin; a time of half-truths and evasions.

Apparently, it’s Children in Need Night tonight. I used to donate but no longer bother since I discovered how much of the funds go in admin and consultants.  I’d rather give it in the form of “Oh, I’ve cooked too much” or “I’ve bought too much” to the oldster next door rather than see it wasted on admin and consultants. It’s spectacular to realise that, despite what we’re going through, this programme will probably raise another £25m or so. We do it year after year, on top of our own charitable commitments, yet nothing ever improves for those countries and their children.

Globalised finance, globalised corporations, globalised consumerism, globalised big pharma, globalised government, globalised poverty, globalised need.

Like I said, TFIF. I’ll leave you with this wonderful summation of today’s events:

There is something about Germany that brings out in the British media some of its least desirable characteristics. And when you have in Volker Kauder, the CDU’s parliamentary leader a stage Hun with all the sensitivity of a plank, and an IQ to match two short versions, you have the stage set for a perfect storm…

… But at least The Boy has been given a hearing, given his brief moment in the limelight, in a carefully stage-managed press conference, and sent packing, where he can prattle in his own time, to his own venal media, without wasting any more of everyone else’s time.

As the post points out, it’s nothing new. The fight isn’t only against the EU it’s against the placemen and the system of governance that’s evolved in the past six decades.

I said to Spidey that being in a state of hope is a natural human condition: we hope the sun rises in the morning, that the moon shines at night and that we’re free to raise and take care of our families without undue interference.   So far, only the first two hopes have proved steadfast.  I don’t know who said the following quote but he/she was right:

Government has what it takes to take all you have

And they will.  TFIF never seemed so hollow because Monday always comes around.

Those Washed-Up, Cried-Out, Spied-On Stasi Blues

Yep, I’ve been to the doctor and he said that’s definitely what I’m suffering from. He wrote me a prescription and said to go back in a few weeks if my symptoms hadn’t eased. What he prescribed was “a weekly dose of riots and a change of governance.”

Interestingly, he didn’t advise a change of government; he thought that swapping one bloc of raging authoritarian job-for-life politicos for another wouldn’t solve the problem. In short, ELECTIONS DON’T WORK ANY MORE. They used to, once upon a time. The country rubbed by after the war, we put up with austerity and rationing, mainly because of the sop of the NHS and child benefit payments, but the country has changed beyond recognition now. Now, everyone has the right to be offended but not to freedom of expression; everyone is equal in the eyes of the legislature, unless you’re ‘one of them’ and can pay or circumvent the system; everyone is lectured, molly-coddled, chivvied and harassed into being a citizen worthy of The Big Society; we’re all in it together.

My @rse.

If I thought one of my neighbours was spying on me I’d report them to the police for harassment.

THIS upset me so much this morning when I read it. How could they? How could they turn State informer? And they’re not even being paid. I hope they’re first ‘onto the shuvvell’ so they can join their heroes who first adopted this technique.

From The Morning Star, of all places.
Work from home:  Easy Income

But it’s alright; we’re in safe hands and can go back to sleep:

A Home Office spokesman said: “The first duty of the state is the protection of its citizens, but this should never be an excuse for the government to intrude into people’s private lives.

“This is why we are changing the law to restore common sense and prevent local authorities using surveillance for trivial offences.”

If you believe that, phone me, I’ve got a bridge for sale.

Here’s one of the ‘essential links’ in the sidebar: Big Brother Watch.

Roughly one in fifty adults collaborated with the Stasi in East Germany:

Frau Merkel was born in West Germany but grew up and was educated in East Germany. I’ve no idea why her parents moved; perhaps it’s a story worth telling on par with the Milibands, whose Polish grandfather packed up and left for Russia where he fought in the Red Army before admitting defeat and defecting to Belgium (and thence onwards to Britain albeit leaving his wife and children behind – it was for the good of the cause, comrades).

Just to tip everything nicely over the edge, here’s an archive of East German propaganda. Spot the similarities.

Image courtesy of Max Farquar, WBUH.

A Catch-Up

I’m having a ‘just for the record moment’ at the moment so here’s a catch-up:

THIS completely passed me by when it was first published last month. Civitas is what it says on the tin – completely independent of Party politics or government funding and, on that basis, worth listening to. It helps that it’s giving a message I like 🙂

“As Europe’s leaders gamble their nations’ finances on saving the Euro, a new Civitas report reveals that the European Union is damaging Britain’s economic recovery and sapping job growth. Time to Say No, by Ian Milne, shows that a break with the EU need not represent a drastic break with Europe itself. Instead, it will permit a pragmatic reform of trade and immigration relations. Existing international institutions can achieve this without the current burdens of bureaucracy in the EU. It will also revive democracy at home.”

It’s a press release (I didn’t notice it being reported by the media) so only brief details are available. It goes on to highlight three areas – Norwegian, Swiss, Commonwealth – where Britain’s ‘leaders’ can find inspiration for a more dynamic model of governance and it’s worth reading.  If nothing else, it will place you a few steps ahead of Britain’s ‘leaders’.

Another ‘fact’ that’s repeated endlessly via media and government is that millions of jobs rely on the EU.  Here’s the truth from: FullFact:

Given this dearth of reliable information, we are left to choose between a dated estimate of jobs benefiting from EU-wide trade, but not necessarily dependent upon EU membership, and an EC estimate of jobs created across Europe, when looking at Mr Clegg’s claim. Neither supports his assertion that three million jobs “rely directly” on the EU.

For facts on trade go to Autonomous Mind and reflect that our exports to the EU aren’t 40% at all: they’re a piddly 10%.  Reflect also that exports and import figures for the EU include goods for onward transmission to areas out of the EU and on to the rest of the world.

In Norway, support for the EU is at its lowest point.  In Iceland, Czech Republic and the PIIGS, people & governments are having second thoughts about this EU construct; an ideology which was founded in the dying days of World War 2.

Being an island nation, it shouldn’t surprise you that 95% of trade comes via the sea.

Macedonia is upset.

Courtesy of twitter, @chadnoble tweets:

A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves. – Lao Tzu

If you want to see my response you’ll have to join twitter, but, to be honest, I wouldn’t bother unless you’re prepared to be very selective about your followers and those you follow,  otherwise you can end up with completely vacuous, inane, obscene twaddle.  You can always be discriminatory of course, if discrimination itself has come to be seen as ‘a bad thing’.

I give up – my laptop keeps crashing and I’ve just lost the links for this post for the third time – I’m sure you’ll read it in the msm, eventually. 

Here’s Max Farquar’s excellent video about the 5th November.

We know they lie, they know we know they lie, yet, still, we put up with it.  The time is coming when the majority will see ‘the whites of their eyes’.  I leave you with this song, which is an anthem for me and this blog.  You wouldn’t know unless you keep checking in, but this video has been censored beyond recognition – the words remain the same:

On a personal note, it’s true that I haven’t been a happy bunny lately but I’m hoping that next week will see threads coming together at last (though not in a disingenuous Troika way) so the blog could be back to normal in a week or three, fingers crossed.