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New email address

If anyone needs to get hold of me (well, you never know!) my new email address is goodnightvienna ‘at’ Gmail has gone into the trashcan 🙂

Captain Ranty-Lawful Rebel: Can We Fix It?

Captain Ranty-Lawful Rebel: Can We Fix It?
Essential reading.

The Great Mind-Reader

The Great Mind-Reader is also profoundly deaf. In this short clip from today’s Andrew Marr Show he says he knows what people want and that is ‘not to leave the European Union but to reform it.’
I’d like to reform it – with half a ton of semtex.

Harriett Baldwin defeated by her own side

Harriett Baldwin defeated by her own side

Start the day with a smile


Start The Day With A Smile



I do wish someone would put these deaf, dozy, wrong-headed world leaders in one of those magician’s cabinets and then stick swords through them – all of them – slowly – and I hope the trick doesn’t work. Also, please include Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, all the current MiliPuppets and the overwhelming majority of Cameron’s Fancies. Oh, and I’d like a ticket please. There, that’s my prayer for today.

In the House of Commons this afternoon, Cameron gave an update on Britain’s military involvement with Libya

Cameron was keen to stress that the fall of Tripoli did not mark the end of the conflict and that British forces would continue to bomb targets to ensure the safety and security of the Libyan people.

I think that says it all really. The conflict will end when British forces no longer “bomb targets to ensure the safety & security of the Libyan people”, ie we’re there for as long as NATO/UN/EU say we’re there.

Cameron also announced yet another Inquiry. This time it’s into British government links with Libya. I see this as nothing more than posturing from Cameron and an attempt to put himself in a good light, at taxpayers’ expense.

Italy in the mire:

It must be clear to everyone by now that Europe’s banks are going to run out of funding soon. The biggest banks have already raised most of the funding they need for the next 6 months at least. But that’s hardly the point. In the current state all it will take is for a couple of the weaker but still large European banks to run dry and the whole system will seize up.

All of which makes a nonsense of Barroso’s statement in Australia that ‘all is well, go back to sleep, Europe is not in recession and is not going to enter a recession’. My lovely assistant, Mavis, will now bring on the swords.

… and some piano wire. Herman  has told Finland that their demands for collateral in return for bailing out Greek debt will be addressed and he warns Greece to pull up her socks.

The FTSE suffered today – that’s our pensions and the funds that our local authorities invest in: £49bn wiped out. Pushing imaginary paper money to and fro isn’t a good way to make a living.

The US also has its economic problems and bankers aren’t flavour of the month there either. It’s projected that $5trillion will be taken out of the economy over the next decade. Mavis, bring some rope as well.

I know it’s from Russia Today, but at least it gives another viewpoint for consideration; there’s also a fairly good video about the economy.   RT’s reporter, Daniel Bushell, could be the only person ‘live’ in Brussels at the moment – I hope he’s got his zombie-accreditation pass.

In what, I suppose, he thinks is a veiled threat, Andrew Duff MEP,  LibDem leader of the Union of European Federalists in the EP (G-d, I’d hate to be married to anyone like him), suggests that Britain should be relegated to a second, slow-moving tier of member states within the EU.  That really doesn’t go far enough for my liking. The problem is that it would need a Treaty change and, as we know from experience, it isn’t going to happen. Mavis, the pitchforks please.

Meanwhile, back in America, a school is in trouble for raising the flag of Saudi Arabia above that of the US.  Honest mistakes do happen but slapped hands all round and don’t let it happen again.

Even the tourists have caught the Whinging Bug now.  Unfortunately, the prat politically-correct person who complained does have an English name *hangs head in shame*: “The smell was awful,” he said as he and his “distressed” children visited Ilfracombe harbour – a working fishing port – one of the few we have left in England.

Here’s another article from EUActiv. The free-thinking Swiss in the canton of Vaud have rejected the proposal to give foreign nationals the right to vote – even if they’ve been resident for more than ten years.  A disappointed Green and co-instigator of the referendum said, without a hint of self-awareness:

“For the majority of Vaud residents there is still an important link between nationality and local political rights.”

It’s back to school time again and what does every London school child need apart from a new uniform, pens, pencils, paper, ruler and rubber? That’s right – a Police escort. 1000 Met Police have been drafted in to escort the little cherubs to and from their schools. It must be like Chicago or Philadelphia out there.

We all know about Schroeder, Chirac and Schäuble so they’re here just for the record.

I still maintain that England has been the crucible of all this turmoil.  Now we’re a testing ground and a forerunner of what’s to come.  If England rolls over, the Union will succeed.  I hope Mavis remembered to sharpen those swords.