A Wise Man Once Said…

There’s been a bit of a personal meltdown here in Muswell Hill Towers in the past week so I’m going to put my blog out of its misery and close it rather than keep it on hold until the good times roll.  Blogs are like children, they need nurturing and mustn’t be left to fend for themselves.

If you’re incredibly bored one evening you can check the archives to find out about smart meters, report-back computers in cars, the infrastructure, the cameras, the censorship, the arming of the police, what you can grow in your garden, what you can give to relatives and friends, what’s approved and what isn’t, and what’s under global attack. If you’re not already aware, you can read about how they did it and how we ended up with a one-party State that takes direction from an unelected foreign entity.  You’ll also find this:

from Dmitry Orlov and there’s more HERE.

There are many good, independent blogs around; if I could give you only one piece of advice it would be to put on your thinking cap and read them (you’ll find a good selection in the sidebar). You may not like the language but there’s a truth in them that you won’t find in the mainstream media.

When I began this blog I was startled to discover how behind the times the msm actually is, and how much they cover up with half-truths. The msm are enablers so if they tell you something, double-check it for yourself. If you feel the need to contribute to their comments sections: don’t. They’re always filtered and moderated, no matter what they say, so it’s best to start your own blog. If you haven’t checked through the Essential Links, it’s worth doing that too. There’s so much information on the internet that you only need to check into the msm now and then to see what they’re reporting and how out of sync they are.

It gives me no pleasure to see what I’ve been predicting come about, and I’m nobody – I’m just someone who took the time to look at the political and financial world, check out sources and use my own judgement.  You can do it too.

For our government and for the EU:


Well, that’s it from me.  Take care, thank you for reading and commenting and, DV,  I’ll see you on the other side of the barricade.

Oh yes, the Wise Man.  He said: “So long, and thanks for all the fish”.


Furedi: Renouncing The Politics Of Representation

Renouncing the politics of representation

Extracts only:

“The tendency to depict democratic accountability as a deeply flawed, unpredictable thing is based on the belief that ordinary people lack the intellectual resources to deal with the complicated challenges facing policymakers. According to the traditional aristocratic version of this argument, since people will inevitably react against taking difficult decisions, it makes far more sense simply for someone else to take those decisions on their behalf.

In recent decades, this claim has been supplemented by a new thesis: that ordinary people are so misguided by the media or the church or some other institution that they simply do not know what is in their best interests anymore…

…Contempt for the intellectual and moral capacities of the multitude invariably leads many self-proclaimed ‘enlightened’ commentators to distrust the public. Such anti-public sentiments are often expressed by environmentalists, who regard ordinary folk as far too selfish or too in thrall to consumerism to vote for policies that will require them to make the kind of sacrifices that might ‘save the planet’…

…Thinkers who argue against democratic political accountability often assert that representatives of the people are far less able to deal with complex issues, certainly in comparison with technocrats and experts. Of course, every modern political institution requires and depends upon the advice and input of scientists, engineers and experts. But what the advocates of the current technocratic turn demand is not simply that politicians consider such advice, but that they defer to it, that they bow before the wisdom of the expert. In its more caricatured form, this technocratic turn assumes the character of an expert-dominated polity. So Joschka Fischer, the former German foreign minister and grand old man of the Green Party, has talked about the need for an ‘avant garde of the United States of Europe’.

Fisher’s avant garde would consist of 17 leaders of Eurozone countries who would de facto constitute a government of Europe. The main accomplishment of this scheme would be that ‘parliamentary powers of control would be taken along to Brussels from the European capitals’. In this way, the pretence of national accountability could be maintained while the brave 17 could govern Europe without the hassle of having to deal with political arguments and pressure. This proposed model of insulated decision-making is probably at the top of every EU technocrats’ wish list….”

A really good article worth ten minutes of your time.

H/t @WhiteWednesday

Sunday Reflection

Oh, the irony! The Queen has become Patron of the Magna Carta Trust which is preparing to commemorate the signing of the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta in 2015.


GP: Brazil 1980

Motorsports History TV

Final laps (8mins)

Germany Calling

Germany has many of the problems that we do in getting people to wake up to what’s happening. Karl Schachtschneider (‘bless you’) is Professor Emeritus in public and civil law at Nuremberg University. In this video he explains about the death penalty, military rearmament and debunks the EU’s claim that it is responsible for, and promotes, peace in Europe. He warns his audience that, on the introduction of the Lisbon Treaty, the death penalty will be applicable in the event of riots, rebellion or facing the threat of war.

We’re not alone but we need a pan-European movement to oppose the EU, perhaps we can then be called “Sour Little Europeans” by Cameron et al.

Here is Schachtschneider’s wikipedia page and here is his website, if your German is up to it.

An sent Coe hamewart, tae think again

“So the good news is that Historic Scotland has said “no” to the preposterous idea of massive Olympic rings being placed on our castle.”

Scots wha hae!

UPDATE: MPs refuse to allow pics of ‘Olympic heroes’ to be beamed on to Parliament

What If?

It’s happening in front of our eyes. The mechanisms are in place in the form of loosely-worded, ever-changing and open to interpretation ‘laws’, regulations and directives. Thanks to the doctrine of spin, state education, a public sector that comprises more than 50% employment and a lickspittle media, we’re truly fracked.

A tip of the trident to Fausty

What if Nigel Farage is our Ron Paul?